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Our current address is on Jack Rabbit Rd, but this eggy midlength is too lively to share a name with a bunny. The Jacked Rabbit is a mid-length that's been to the gym. It is our take on the timeless eggy outline incorporated with details more common in modern performance shortboards. It'll drive off the bottom, go vertical, get you in early, take off deep, and hold through hollow sections—whilst letting you enjoy the forgiveness of extra foam. This board promises to stretch your conception of a midlength's high-performance capabilities.

Shaper's Notes:

The Jacked Rabbit offers the best of both worlds, bringing the tight foil, performance 60/40 rail shapes, and maneuverability-focused single to double bottom contours of a shortboard to the easy paddling outline and speed-hungry rocker profile of a classic egg. The outcome is a board that can likely do better turns than you have in your repertoire and will easily catch waves across a huge range of conditions.


  • Bump wing in the tail provides extra width for shockingly easy wave catching and acts as a pivot point for extra release through turns while still providing all the benefits of flow and hold that comes with a round-pin tail.

  • Wide point forward outline and shortboardy foil supports chest for effortless paddling, yet doesn’t sacrifice responsive penetration in nose and tail for steep drops, aggressive turns, and easy duck dives despite length.

  • Moderate late-flip entry rocker and slight lift in tail rocker provide optimal speed, projection, and tight arcing turns while providing forgiveness on steep entries.

  • 2+1 fin set-up allows for versatility across a wide range of conditions for which this board is suited, including side-byte box placement that will allow for keel twin use for a more skatey feel if desired.


MAR Surf Jacked Rabbit Surfboard Dimensions



Order a hand-crafted board from our head shaper and glasser with every detail designed perfectly and specifically for you.


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