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Why build a community around board-building?

We believe that surfing, like most things, is only worth as much as you put into it. That creates a challenge in a place that doesn't have waves everyday! Our goal is to provide a place for positive surf culture to grow and live outside of the water, and we believe that the inherent vulnerability in learning new skills like board building and design is a perfect catalyst to facilitate authentic relationships.

What is MAR?

When you come for a visit, you can expect to find a boutique surf shop with a built-in surfboard factory. The factory is open to the public in terms of visibility, but more importantly it's open to the public for their use to design and build their own boards; new surfers getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and a new generation of shapers starting their own surfboard brand alike.

We are officially a company, but we function and feel like a community. Surfing and board-building are life-long-pursuits best enjoyed with friends, which is why we are committed to welcoming any and everyone who is interested in joining us in these adventures. 

It is our genuine desire to ensure that your experience with us is fun, convenient, and satisfying. Come visit us so we can get to know each other better! Have questions? Give us a call, or email us!