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Select the Experience and Board Size you're interested in. Our team will contact you to hone in the details when we receive your order.


**These packages cover the cost of your Builder Experience and a completed PU/poly surfboard of the size you select with clear (white) glass, sand-finish, and standard fin-box set-up. Color-work, glossy finishes, fins and other upgrades/accessories may be added "a la carte" when we contact you to nail down the details of your design. Feel free to include more details about the board you'd like to build in the "Notes" section of the checkout process. To learn more about board upgrade pricing, check out our  Price List.**


Watch & Learn: Join our head shaper in the bay while he brings your board to life before your eyes. Nick will talk you through design theory, shaping technique, and the history of the craft. A perfect option for those who are curious about the process, but short on time or hesitant to get hands-on.

Typically requires one 2.5 - 3.5 hour session depending on board details.


Hands-On Shape:  Bring your own shape to life with one-on-one guidance from our head shaper. Nick will guide you through his proprietary process for helping new shapers which has been proven to generate good times and great boards for over 10 years. A fun and valuable experience for "bucket-list" hobbyists and future professionals alike. 

Typically requires 6-8 hours to complete, which we recommend splitting up into 2-3 sessions to best suit your schedule. 


Shape & Glass: Includes all the opportunities of the "Hands-On Shape" option plus the opportunity to mask-up and lay down your own color-work and lamination on your board. Discover both function and fashion in the glass-room as you learn about the materials, processes, and countless aesthetic options of surfboard glassing while walking through the prep-work and laminating process with expert guidance from our talented glassing crew.

Typically requires one session, 2-3 hours in length in addition to shaping sessions depending on board details.


Start-to-Finish: If you've got intentions of taking on board-building as a hobby or career moving forward, this might be for you. While not for the faint of heart, this option will take you through nearly every step of the board building process with expert guidance from every member of our specialized new board team. After shaping, color-work, and laminating, you'll walk through the processes of hot-coating/gloss-coating, fin installations, and sanding/polishing and leave with a board that you've truly worked from foam to sea.

Typically requires two or three sessions that are 2-3 hours each in addition to shaping, depending on board details.


Note: Glassing options include one round of each step with our crew executing additional round between your scheduled sessions for the sake of efficiency and your convenience. For example, while boards are typically laminated twice (top and them separately bottom after drying), you will only join us for one of those laminations in the "Shape & Glass" option. Similarly in the "Start-to-Finish" option, you would join us for one lamination, one hotcoat or glosscoat, fin installations, and one round of sanding. 



You can add scheduling preferences in the "Notes" section of the checkout page or contact us via phone or email.


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