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A beacon is a light to serve as a warning signal or celebration. If you see this Beacon, consider it a warning that there are waves to celebrate. Whether driving off the bottom for a cover shot-worthy turn or holding high and tight to navigate the foam ball of a below-sea-level tube, the Beacon excels in good conditions and brings comfort in terrifying ones. It will guide you to the perfect take-off position, match the wave speed for the optimal entry, and give you the confidence and control to take off deep and challenge harrowing sections. We recommend the Beacon for waves that are at least head high and have some juice. Ride this board 2-4 inches longer than your standard shortboard.

Shaper's Notes:

 The greatest challenge of surfing good waves is maintaining control of the ocean's overwhelming power. The Beacon is designed to enhance your paddle power while giving you the tools you need to harness the wave's energy.

  • Extra length and thickness extended a few inches out from the center, and a generous entry rocker isolated to a late flip in the last few inches works together to provide easy paddling speed capable of getting in early or taking off late.

  • A narrow, wide-point back outline with a round-pin tail and tightly foiled 60/40 rails with harder than standard bottom corners to ensure solid hold into the face with the ability to aggressively redirect with precise control when needed.

  • Subtle single to double concaves bolster speed by providing optimal flow beneath boards rocker and through your fins.


MAR Surf Beacon Surfboard Dimensions

Lighting up a Beacon in Assateague

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