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Digitally design your board in the industry leading AKU software with the one-on-one guidance of an instructor


Interested in designing your own board without the time or learning curve of handshaping? We'll give you access to our software and one-on-one coaching to help you digitally design your perfect board. We'll help you fine-tune every aspect of your shape to ensure it performs exactly how you want!


Your board will be cut exactly to specs on the same machine that locally manufactures the designs of Simon Anderson, Luke Short, Geoff McCoy, and countless other pro-shapers! We'll have your board glassed and ready to ride in under two weeks!


Upon completing this class, you will be capable of designing any board you want in the AKU software yourself! From that point on you can send us your design and we'll bring your boards to life without the lesson fee!

Contact us or click below and see "Lessons" for pricing, availability, and more information.

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